Relatable baby milestone card – double sided

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Unique double-sided funny and relatable milestone cards with different text on both sides

We know parenting isn’t always plain fun, it’s a whirlwind mix of those special moments that we want to capture and those moments that leave you wanting to pull your hair out! Our milestone cards are a hilarious alternative to the traditional baby milestone cards you see on your friend’s Instagram feed. Our cards feature funny and relatable scenarios that every parent will really understand.On the “big” sign you can fill in the baby’s birth info with a pen: Name, date, time, weight and height.

Easily place the sign next to your baby and take a picture! These are also great for gifts for baby shows if you are looking for something unique.

Size: Ø: 10 cm / Ø: 12cm


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Have you ever taken a picture of your child and then looked back several years later and tried to remember what milestone the child went through at the time? With our milestone card for baby you will not experience that challenge. From their first sweet smile, to their first exciting step, these wooden cards will help evoke magical moments that take place in the first year of a baby’s life.

What types of milestones are included in the package?
Our milestone cards for babies contain phrases that help you document your baby’s growth, such as a 1 month old, three months old and nine months old and then there will be achievements on the back, such as when your toddler crawls, stands and smile. The baby milestone cards include:

Front / Back
One month / One week of rocking selfies
Two months / Love you to the moon and back
Three months / I woke up like this… Kidding I haven’t been to sleep
Four months / Outfit of the day
Five months / Look at my cute smile
Six months / I was left alone for one minute… and made a masterpiece #youarewelcome
Seven months / Today I had a meltdown… and cried for no reason #waahwaah
Eight months / Today I ate my first solid food and made a complete mess… So fun!
Nine months / Happy mothers day
Ten months / Oh no I’m teething Ouch! It’s no fun
Eleven months / Messy hair dont care! I still look cute
My first birthday / My first Christmas
Hello world I’m here / All about me birth info

IMPORTANT: I recommend using plain pen to write on instead of sharpie as the marker tends to bleed.

Note that due to the natural raw wood finish, there may be signs of minor imperfections such as knots, darker wood grains and mineral streaks; no two pieces are identical.

Warning: this product is not a toy and should not be handled by infants or toddlers.

Medfølger i pakken

12 milestone cards – engraved on both sides (10cm)
1 milestonecards – engraved on both sides (12cm)
1 cloth bag for storing the cards


12 x small cards: ø10 cm
1 x big card: ø:12 cm